The Truth About The Christmas Story 
History is filled with inaccurate accounts, mis-represented facts and embellished stories.  Sadly our version of The Christmas Story suffers from some of these.  We get a picture of a wooden manger, a cold winter's night, and three wise men.  Many even believe that the events told in our traditional Christmas Story happened all in one night.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Many scholars believe there were more than 3 wise men, they did not reach Jesus until he was around 2 years old, Jesus was likely born in the spring time, and the place He was born would have resembled a cave more than a barn.  One could write a 150 page thesis on the many mis-representations of the Christmas story, but I want to focus on a concept that most people don't consider.  If you study the cultures of the New Testament you will find that people were not celebrated at birth.  No one cared when or where you were born, which is why we do not have an exact date for Jesus' birth.  In fact the Bible rarely references the celebration of someone being born and when it does they are related to pagan traditions.  If you were to have grown up with Jesus you would be celebrated at your funeral.  That's right at your funeral.  That was the time that you were recognized and celebrated for all that you had achieved in your lifetime.  If you study the symbolism in the Scriptures referencing the birth of Jesus you will learn that his swaddling was actually made of burial cloth, gold was given to kings, and myrrh was used to anoint dead bodies.  These gifts honored what Jesus was to become not what He was at birth, the Magi were celebrating the coming of a Savior not the birth of a baby.  But God grants sovereignty over all things in this world, which means you and I are free to celebrate birthdays regardless of whether or not they were celebrated in the Bible.  One thing that I would ask is that you study the story of Christmas, research the scriptures, even read through a Bible Commentary to better understand the TRUE meaning of Christmas.  Don't just celebrate the birth of a baby, celebrate the coming of a Savior.  That's what we want to represent with The Crossmas Tree.  Jesus came into this world to bring you salvation, not just to give you religious warm fuzzies at Christmas time.